Wake Up Your Practice

We are creatures of habit and we like to engage the ‘automatic pilot’ as much as we can.
But our Yoga practice is about becoming aware of our habits & patterns.
When are we ‘awake’ while we practice? How much do we listen to the present moment
and everything that it brings with when we practice?
In this workshop we want to play with these elements like expectations & comfort zones.
We want to shift our focus to different entry points of practice,
some maybe familiar, some maybe new,
to allow us a greater perspective of our own practice and ourselves.
But we want to achieve all of that with a sense of play and curiosity.

This workshop is for everyone with a basic understanding of practice and a sense of humour.

Investment: € 35
Booking & Registration:  e-mail to info@markdoweyoga.com
Where is it? Bluebirds West Yoga Studio – Jan Evertsenstraat 8 – 1056 EC Amsterdam
When does it start and end? Saturday the 10th of December – 15:15h -17:45h. Please, arrive 15’ before to register. Be on time!