The Twelfth House – Tarot & Yoga

by Kayleigh Bedford @ Bluebirds Centrum


My name is Kayleigh and I am an experienced Tarot card reader. I grew up learning about Astrology, herbs, divination and Paganist ideals from my Grandma, although I turned my back on a lot of these practices as a teenager in my fruitless pursuit of looking cool.

It wasn’t until I began a Meditation and Yoga practice in my late 20’s that I began to reconnect with the seeds of Magic my Grandmother had planted. This eventually led me to seeking teachers and guides within the Occultist community who assist my explorations in Hermetic traditions and rituals. I am also a qualified Yin yoga instructor and meditation guide.

The Tarot has been a great gift to me and I take great pleasure in sharing it with other people who feel called towards Divination as a tool for empowerment.

What is tarot?

There are two perspectives from which we can approach the Tarot, the Spirit Model or the Psychological Model. I believe both models are valid and my own personal belief often changes between the two, or falls somewhere in the middle. It’s okay to feel unsure about what you believe, it’s actually a really great place to grow from!

The Spirit model speaks to the idea that there is an outside influence on the cards in either an energetic or spirit form. Some people believe these are spirit guides, some believe it is their prefered God or Deite, others believe it is their ancestors.

The Psychological Model speaks to the idea that the influence is purely internal, a conversation with the subconscious mind in which your energy is translated by the reader through the cards. Think about how you can tell someone is angry without them having to tell you, this is a very simple metaphor for this type of intuition.

Either way, the tarot should not be used as a tool of prediction, rather a tool for empowerment and clarification. Instead of asking what, when, why…questions that frame the future as something that is out of our control, we ask questions that give the power back to us.

How can I embrace what is to come? How can I move on? Where should I begin pursuing this passion? How can I bring more love into my life?


How do I work?

Ofen people seek the tarot due to uncertainty about a specific challenge or life event. However, many people also like to use is as a “check in” moment with themselves. I offer a variety of reading themes for those who don’t seek the Tarot for guidance on a specific issue. Should you want to explore your emotional health, this would be a water themed reading, your passions and purpose would be a fire themed reading, your material reality would be an earth reading and your mindset and behaviour would be a swords themed reading. I also offer business readings, card of the year and life card readings, birthday readings focused on the year ahead and love readings. It’s important to point out that my love readings are focused on calling in love and themes surrounding that.

I only read people who can consent, so enquiring about specific partners who are not present is off limits. Instead I offer a couples reading, a spread designed to guide you in your relationship towards the highest good for both pares. It is possible that cards will show up in your reading that represent other people, but this feels energetically very different as a reader than when making specific enquires about how someone, for example, feels about you.

I begin the reading with a cup of tea and a short chat about your enquiry, how you feel and the circumstances surrounding you. We then practice a short exercise together to ground and connect. After that I will begin the ritual of pulling the cards and laying them on the table, this usually involves a quiet period while I shuffle and then sit with the cards in order to form an interpretation. There is me after the interpretation has been delivered to ask questions and to clarify any messages that don’t resonate.

My goal is that each person leaves their reading feeling like they have a better understanding of their situation and feels empowered to move forwards.



Individual reading (any theme) 45 mins: 49 euro

Couples reading, 75 mins: 79 euro


Friday: 17:30-22:00 @ Bluebirds Centrum (Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam)


Via Email, DM or SMS / @thetwelfthhousenl / 0657936231