The Breathwork Group Series

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A five-week transformative journey of Worlding the Now

We are learning that we are not solitary actors in this world. We are experiencing that we are not well enough connected to our inner world to hold tension and transform it. We are recognizing the importance of meaningful education from an inner learning perspective. Answers for the ungraspable times we live in, call for us to recognize the inherent possibility of who we are as human beings. This is a call to awaken new depths within ourselves.

This Series is dedicated to the process of “breathing with chaos”, or Chaosmosis— “osmosis” implies breathing together. It is about reconnecting with a ‘world’ that can no longer be seen as separate from our inner world. It is about coming into partnership with chaos, and composting new realities. In this osmosis with chaos; new realities can join us, a new harmony, a new syntony can emerge, a new depth can become us, suited to a better world.

What might this depth look like? Who are we and who is here with us to guide us? What can it offer us? How will it change us, transform us? We don’t know yet.

We can start with unstiffening our vibrant bodies and spasms to release the suffering and breathlessness in the nervous system. We can experience what it feels like to have openings and endings in new places of curiosity, power and responsivity; vitalizing the relation with ourselves, others and the nature. We can shake the narratives that we’ve become so used to and shock the familiar through the natural, spontaneous and free movement of our breathing.

Expect a gathering of the curious, courageous and insatiable to support and encourage one another in our journey.

Breathwork Group series

What to expect?

The Breathwork Group Series is carefully designed to build a healthy foundation for conscious transformation. You’ll be experiencing Breathwork in a mix of deep psychological and embodied practices described as:

  • Depth work
  • Process work
  • Trigger work
  • Presence work

Meet your guide 

Katrien Franken, founder of Open Up ( will be guiding the Series with the support of a skilled team. Katrien is a trained therapist, holistic counselor and breathwork professional who has worked across multiple societal contexts applying the complexity of breathwork towards individual, social and cultural change. She has guided thousands of people into often life changing journeys. Open Up is an institute that researches, facilitates and develops methodologies and approaches that leverage the eco-psychotherapeutic, experiential and educational potential of Breathwork.

Dates of the Series

Week 1: Tuesday 8 nov:  18.30 – 21.45
Week 2: Tuesday 15 nov:  18.30 – 21.45
Week 3: Tuesday 22 nov:  18.30 – 21.45
Week 4: Tuesday 29 nov:  18.30 – 21.45
Week 5: Wednesday 7 dec:  18.30 – 21.45
Katrien Franken


Bluebirds Centrum, Prinsengracht 493 Amsterdam


€ 375 p.p

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