Sensual Wisdom Masterclass

Unlock your feminine powers for a wildly successful life and business

Hello beautiful woman. Are you longing for a deeper connection to your feminine essence? Theres a way to bring more effortlessness and joyful focus to the way you live your life and do business. Want to know the secret? Its tapping into your innate sensual wisdom and unlocking your feminine superpowers

Discover your sensual self in The Sensual Wisdom Masterclass. In this sixweek program, youll be given the tools to heal your life from the inside out. Youll connect to your aliveness, confidence and the joy of being a woman, so you can become your supernatural self in your (love)life, business and creative work

In these 2-hour classes, youll discover the energy of the Goddess (aka your snake energy) through Shakti practices, light work, meditation and dance. Youll start feeling radiant, sexy and super alive and learn to move from within

Youll learn to integrate these practices into your business, relationships and creative work, so that you can be totally yourself and stand in your light

About the Masterclass

In this program, you will…

  • Learn to act on your intuition and move from within
  • Unlock your radiance by connecting to your pelvic area and yoni
  • Take the stage and stand in your light
  • Raise your sensual awareness through weekly guided meditations to keep your fire burning all day long
  • Cut away the bullshit and access your natural confidence
  • Learn to set and voice your boundaries in a clear and loving way

For who?

Are you an entrepreneur / female leader / conscious creative / power woman on a mission, and are you longing to feel more confident and sensually alive? To feel creative, sexy and free while doing business? Babe, this one is for you.

About your teacher Leoni van de Water

With my background as a business coach, creative director, Reiki Master, and Shakti Tantra teacher, I’ve designed a unique, intuitive approach to self-healing that will help you to create a wildly successful life from your place of pleasure. I’ll give you the tools that make you boogie on the dance floor and dance through life!


Friday afternoons in March and April from 14:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Friday 20 March
Friday 27 March
Friday 3 April
Friday 10 April
Friday 17 April
Friday 24 April


Bluebirds Centrum (Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam)


The price for this six-week masterclass is €570,-.
Sign up before Friday 13 March and receive a € 100 discount! You’ll only pay €470,-.

The Sensual Wisdom Masterclass is the pre-course for The Sensual Business Program, starting on May 15th 2020. When you join the full 7-month program, you’ll receive a € 300 discount!

More information & sign up

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