Practice Stillness

Summer is the season in which we are very much invited to go outwards. It’s a season in which it is easy to lose the connection with oneself. Therefore, I am offering a sequence of 4 classes to go deeper inwards.

A lot of people who practice the physical yoga, don’t meditate. If you’ve read or heard of the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali (I call it the yoga bible), the physical yoga is only mentioned 3 times in almost 200 verses. It is just one little part of the whole. These classes are set up to have you experience more of yoga than just the physical part. What happens on the inside, where your focus is, is more important. During these classes you will learn and practice a way of meditation that teaches you to be aware and not react. You can practice this meditation easily on your own, even if you just have 10 minutes. At the beginning of every class there will be a short introduction to the meditation.

We start with gentle, slightly active yoga and move to even more relaxing yoga, which of itself is more of an invitation to go inwards. During the first two classes there will be short meditations at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the practice. During the last 2 classes there will be longer meditations at the beginning and at the end, with very relaxing and meditative yoga in between. There will be enough props to make sure you can sit comfortably for meditation. If sitting on the ground is not an option for you, there will be a chair for you to sit on. There is a maximum of 12 spots per class.

You can join whether you are new to yoga or experienced. The same goes for experience with meditation. I would recommend to join all four classes, but I understand that might not be possible for everyone. So you can join for a single class or multiple classes. After the class there will be tea, a snack, and time for questions. If there are participants who don’t understand Dutch, the classes will be in English. Otherwise the classes will be in Dutch. Please take this in consideration before signing up.

Dates: Saturday June 4/11/18/25
Time: 11.30-13.30
Location: Bluebirds West at the Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8
Pricing is as follows: One single class €27,50 / All four classes for €95

Elements of the four classes:
First class: gentle hatha/ujjayi breath/long savasana/meditation
Second class: yin/restorative/relaxing breathing/meditation
Third class: restorative/Nidra/extended meditation
Fourth class: Nidra/meditation

Email at: if you want to join and for which class(es).

There is one spot in every class for someone who wants to join, but can’t afford the mentioned prices. Let me know if you want to get this ‘spot’.