Mamamoon One Day Pregnancy Retreat

Your essentials for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting in one day.

About Mamamoon One Day Reatreat

Mamamoon One Day retreat is meant for moms to be at any stage of their pregnancy, and for their birthing partner (can also be a friend who joins you on your birthing day). Having a partner at your side during the pregnancy journey who understands what you are going through and is able to support you every step of the way is extremely helpful throughout the whole process.

During this one day retreat you will not only get a solid preparation for pregnancy and labor, but you will also prepare for the 4th trimester that is just ahead of you.

Our goal is for you to leave after the day feeling that you have all the right tools to use during labor. And most of all, that you are excited about meeting your baby, feeling confident and comfortable with your choices for pregnancy, birth, and the time afterwards.

See this movie to get a feeling what Mamamoon is about.

There is limited space available for the event to secure we can give the right attention to all our participants. Prices below cover both mom-to-be and her birthing partner.

You can secure your spot by emailing us at, or by making a booking directly on our website here.

What you can expect during the day

  • Prenatal yoga class based on Birthlight yoga
  • Birth Preparation workshop based on HypnoBirthing and Birthlight practices
  •  4th Trimester workshop  including guest speaker(s) from Amsterdam and around
  • Deep relaxation practice based on HypnoBirthing
  • Delicious and healthy food throughout the whole day
  • Building your future support network with other parents-to-be and birth professionals joining the workshops
  • A goodie bag incl. products from brands like Philips, Lillydoo, doTERRA and more (worth approx. €100)
  • Invitation to weekly deep relaxation classes based on HypnoBirthing

What you will learn during the day

  • Poses to relieve common pregnancy pains
  • Poses to relieve sensations during labor
  • Poses to position your baby into the most optimal position for birth (for during pregnancy and for during labor)
  • Poses to help with progress during labor and Labor Circuit explained
  • Positions for birthing
  • Understand our body’s perfect design and how to use it for labor
  • Specific breathing practices for labor
  • How to create the perfect environment for a beautiful birth experience
  • Your Partner’s Role during labor and birth
  • Partner Practices to support you during labor and birth
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation, to improve sleep, and to help with headaches
  • Deep Relaxation practice
  • And much more


‘What a special day we had! Really is a lovely opportunity to spend the day connecting with your baby and partner together. We explored different ideas and I felt a freedom in exploring my own personal pregnancy journey. We came away from this beautifully organized urban retreat relaxed 🙂 thank you ladies!’

Emi & Erik || Mamamoon Retreat Amsterdam – March 2020


‘We loved our one day Mamamoon retreat. First of all we loved to be able to spend the whole day together dedicating to this special journey in our lives. I think we learned a lot during this day but in a very relaxed way.

Together with other moms, we started with a yoga class which was a really nice way to start the day, get into your body and also to move together as a group with the other mama’s to be was special. The partners had a coaching session with Nina which was also a nice way to get to know each other a little bit, share experiences, fears and thoughts.

The rest of the day was informative and inspiring and we both loved the partnering work a lot. Massage techniques, breathing techniques and yoga poses/exercises to prepare your body for labor. My partner loved to hear new thoughts on how he could be of use during labor. I loved the balance between sitting/talking/listening and doing/experiencing. Nina’s coaching session was also really nice, beautiful to visualize our future and write a letter to each other. She gave us tools on how to start deeper conversations about our future as parents to be and becoming a family and we loved it.

A beautiful day to truly connect with yourself, your baby and each other. Tools to continue doing this at home as a preparation for everything that’s coming your way.’

Josephine & Sem || Mamamoon Retreat Amsterdam – March 2020


Mamamoon was such a wonderful and relaxing bonding experience. It felt great to be able to put the responsibilities and chaos of daily life aside to be present and focus on our love for each other and our love for our growing baby.

The setting was beautiful and deeply calming and the food was healthy, nourishing and tasty. Our guides were caring, insightful and engaging and the company of other parents was inspiring as we are all going through similar experiences. The day was filled with many insightful sessions and guest speakers giving us knowledge and confidence in what is coming. We particularly enjoyed the Hypnobirthing Workshop, Prenatal Yoga session, and the Parental Coaching Program.

Thank you Kasia and Nina for your thoughtful and insightful guidance and for pouring your love and passion into Mamamoon – we are very grateful to have your support on this journey.’

Dina & Seth || Mamamoon Retreat Amsterdam – March 2020

See also this movie to hear more from the participants.


Kasia Pokrop

A combination of yoga and HypnoBirthing techniques was what helped her throughout her pregnancy, labor, and changes that came after. The impact of it was so amazing that she decided to share it with others. Today Kasia is a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator The Mongan Method, a trained Prenatal Yoga teacher with Birthlight, a founder of Seventh Series, a mother of a lovely four-year-old girl and a very relaxed and smiley boy born July 2019.

Mamamoon Retreats 

Mamamoon Retreats came up as an idea in December 2018. It started quickly taking shape of something real, simply because we are both passionate about pregnancy, birth, and the change that it brings to our lives… and we love to share this passion with others!

Taking on all learnings from last events, and current lifestyle, we defined three forms of Mamamoon Retreats: One Day Retreat, City Retreat and Weekend Get-away. And during the very special times that we had to face from beginning 2020, we also defined an Online program – because one cannot postpone their due date. For more details and full agenda check Mamamoon Retreats website.


We will start at 10.00 sharp, and finish by 18.30. Around 13.00 we will serve a delicious and healthy lunch. Other tasty snacks and drinks will be also served throughout the day.

Exact program for the day will be shared with participants before the event. If you have any specific questions right now, email us at

Price (incl. VAT)

  • Price = €389,-
  • Single ticket for moms-to-be = €199,-
    OR €189,- p.p. if you come with a mom-to-be friend

Note: please check with your health insurance about their policy with respect to birth preparation courses. Since a big part of Mamamoon Retreat program is a birth preparation course, it is very likely that your insurance provider will cover at least part of the cost.


Location: Bluebirds Centrum (Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam).
Date: Coming soon


Kasia || Mamamoon Retreats
Phone number: +31642287691