Kundalini Activation Process (KAP)

Welcome to KAP

KAP stands for kundalini activation process. It was founded by Venant Wong, who through touch could activate a person’s energy system. He also could pass this ability to others. He has selected certain students who he has trained & asked them to facilitate his work. I am some of those students.

KAP is a transmission of life force energy. It’s a transmission process. Not a self willed or self generating process. It’s the path of surrender, not the path of will.

In KAP the comes in from the top of the crown down towards the root chakra, it gradually builds and eventually starts flowing both ways.
It is a very natural process that won’t shock your system in any way, this energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs in the moment.

You will be laying down, loud music will be played and the i will touch or point at different chakra/ meridian points on your body.
You have to keep your eyes closed and relax your muscles, surrender to the process without expectations. Whatever arises, let it arise and be expressed.

About Hiske

Hiske (1977, Antwerp Belgium) always had a deep fascination and love for people. Since a very young age she felt pulled to bring people together and hold space for connection.

When customers visited her Antwerp based hair salon, Hiske would always welcome them with her famous smile and open heart. Not only would you leave with a refreshed haircut, but also with a refreshed and recharged soul. This led her to find in her this deep calling to work with people on a deeper energetical level. Her mission became clear.

She got acquainted with the work of Venant Wong, who developed a method to activate Kundalini energy through touch and was selected to join his program in 2021. She is now officially a Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) facilitator, guiding group all over Belgium, The Netherlands and planning to expand.

The path and a deep fascination for healing has led Hiske to deepen her knowledge and to study Family Constellations and Regression-Incarnation coaching. Her mission is to heal people through their higher self and soul consciousness on a physical, mental, energetical and spiritual level.

Dates:  Coming soon
Location: Bluebirds Centrum, Prinsengracht 493
Pricing: €50,-
Sign up:  Contact Hiske at hiskekapfacilitator@gmail.com or Instagram