Deep Breath Sessions

DEEP BREATH – sessions with Katrien Franken, founder of Open Up ( is a monthly group session to awaken consciousness through the spontaneous and natural power of deep connected breathing. Together with the Open Up team, Katrien will guide this group journey of two and a half hours to move beyond intellectual understanding to an embodied place of knowing.

To let yourself feel. To let yourself heal.

The environment we create is carefully designed to help us to come into a state of flow together, and move towards an experience of more wholeness and understanding in life. Flow is a specific neurological state that brings us into close connection to one another, and help us grow and heal. The session offer a way to safely follow the inner clues that naturally seeks harmony, balance and meaning.

Each month we come together to create an oasis of space amidst the Amsterdam hustle to breathe and connect with an opportunity to drop our masks and move to a direction of inwardness. We will be building the field with a passion to live from our deepest truth – in love and service. In a dance between fear and surrender, we will flow with breath, to release with breath so limitations disappear and a true sense of inner freedom can enter.

The process itself (inspired on Holotropic Breathwork) uses a simple technique which consists of connecting our inhale and exhale in a spontaneous way, without pausing. On its own, the act of respiration naturally energizes, cleanses, purifies and reconnects you with the joy of natural presence. Through a safe and supported guidance – grounded exercises, sound, movement and touch – we help stimulate the consciously release of tension and trauma from the body and mind.

Come and open up with us, to see how everything changes. We are the creators of our own path, as we go along.

  • Breathe: Increase our somatic, emotional and social intelligence, and come into a state of flow.
  • Inspire: Connecting to source, our intimate truth to allow a deeper trust to arise.
  • Open: Harvesting what wants to come into consciousness and finding our voice to express it.
  • Heal: Experience the power of communal healing, with dedication to listen into our internal world.
  • Stillness: Open to a place of deep stillness, and awakened relaxation
  • Heart: Reconnect with the heart, move to the edge and learn how to soften.

B e n e f i t s

  • Tapping into the deeper wisdom of the body
  • Reconnecting with the heart
  • Tension and emotional release
  • Insights and clarity
  • Profound relaxation​

H e a l t h  &  W e l l  b e i n g

Considering that breathwork is only working with conscious changes to the pattern of our breathing, it can be amazingly powerful and transformational but should not be seen as a cure-all, but as an initiation into an arduous path of exploring parts of yourself you’d rather deny. The work of Open Up offers the possibility to open a path of discovery to change how you live.

Because the sessions are an experience to open up our energy, your current health and health background is very important to pay attention to the contra-indications for breathwork to make sure it is right for you. More can be found on:

P r e p a r a t i o n

  • We recommend to eat light meals in the 2 hours before your session.
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Wear comfortable, warm clothes and bring warm socks
  • Plan some free time after your session, to integrate what might have opened

About the facilitator and founder of Open Up: Katrien Franken

Founder Katrien Franken is a Breathwork facilitator and educator who guides people from all over the world going on profound, often life-changing journeys of healing and self-discovery. She has been deeply involved in inner work for 15 + years and is passionate about awakening consciousness, evolutionary thinking and human connection. She was introduced to breathwork in 2004 which completely changed her perception on life. In an extensive and on-going research in breath and bodywork, spiritual and psychological practice and therapeutic training, she started facilitating others in this practice in January 2015 and founded Open Up. Open Up is growing breathwork community of people interested to have courageous explorations, conversations and learnings to see and experience what seeks their attention and healing. All of her work contributes to wake up to the workings of life in the shadows – to awaken consciousness with an urge to look deeper and more honestly forging connection inside our heart and soul – challenging and supporting new ways of thinking, doing and being. Through deep inner work processes with deep conscious breathwork at the core, Open Up offers the groundwork for individual and social transformation. It is a deep honour and a great pleasure for her to be you on this incredible path of self-realisation.


Sunday 22 March, 14:00 – 16:30 uur


The price for the workshop is € 35.


The workshop will be held at Bluebirds East (Louise Wentstraat 186, Amsterdam)


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