Ayurvedic, Lymphatic Drainage & Contour Massage

By CLaudia Chan (MASSAGE DRC) @ Bluebirds Centrum

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你好, Nǐ Hǎo! My name is Claudia Chan, a wellness masseuse from Hong Kong, China.

At my practice Massage DRC, stands for Detox, Relax, Contour; my goal is to help clients to achieve a fit & healthy body based on their individual needs with one of the massage treatments or combined techniques.

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About me

My interest and passion in Massage & Wellness began a long time ago when I was a child. Watching my grandmother prepare her own massage oil from natural herbs and spices, sooth and cure every family member in need with her magic hands had me captivated. When I was about the age of 12, my grandma taught me about Traditional Chinese Massage having the wish that I would give her a massage everyday. Subsequently I have always kept a keen interest in massage and healing. During the past 30 years, I am gradually incorporating my great passion into my daily life and my practice by continuing my study in Ayurvedic Massage in the Netherlands. I look forward to meeting you at Bluebirds!

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Ayurvedic Detox Massage

This massage helps to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph, and prana (energy); it also helps to relieve stiffness and loosen muscles of the body. Organic herbal oil is used to tighten and tone the skin. If you suffer from bloating or constipation, this treatment can help reduce these issues. This Detox Massage is more effective than a juice cleanse!

Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage

This natural anti-aging facelift massage is a gentle face massage that relaxes the facial muscles and stimulates the marma points (energy points) which helps to increase facial microcirculation, boosts collagen and regenerate healthy younger looking skin. Through the use of warm strokes and special facial oil, this treatment leaves the skin feeling smooth and glowing!

Ayurvedic Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This soothing massage of the head, neck, and shoulder (the main areas we hold stress) is called Shiro Abhyanga which is the most popular stress-relief massage in Ayurveda. It gives you a state of calmness and helps to relieve headaches and neck/shoulder pain. Performed with custom blended Ayurvedic oils for the ultimate relaxation!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (ByeBye Cellulite)

The lymphatic system needs to be manually stimulated in order to better remove toxins out of the body. Lymphatic Drainage Massage gently detoxes the lymphs. Cellulite is essentially a build up of toxins and fluids that have not been drained through the lymphs. To get rid of cellulite and to have a more contoured body, the solution is to eke out the trapped liquid of clogged sluggish lymph!

Zones you can choose:

  • Legs (Thighs)
  • Gluteus (Butt)
  • Abdomen (Stomach)
  • Breast
  • Arms


Bluebirds Centrum (Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam)

When at Bluebirds?

Tuesday: 09.00 – 17.00
Wednesday: 09.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 09.00 – 17.00

Appointments & Contact

SMS/WhatsApp or Call: 0639 769 404
Email: bookings@massagedrc.nl
Instagram: MASSAGE.DRC www.instagram.com/massage.drc