Breathwork & E – Motion for Creating Your 2023 (E.T.C Method® )

Generating sustainable life energy with the 5 basic emotions

In this workshop or class  you are guided to use the raw energy of the 5 basic emotions (angry, sad, scared, worried and joy), with breathing, movement, meditative visualization techniques and stimulating music. The emotions and sensations generated are then transmuted with intention into ¨sustainable¨ life energy (prana, chi,ki, kundalini) for your physical/mental health, work, sports, (self) lovelife, self-expression and creating your new year life in 2023.

The E- motion Transmutation & Creation Method (E.T.C.) ® combines the essence of authentic Tummo (Inner Heat) Breathwork and Tantra Yoga from the Tibetan Tantric & Shamanist Buddhist tradition (Anuttara Yoga, Dzogchen & Bon), with Meridian Yoga from Japanese (Shiatsu) and Chinese (TCM) health teachings (based on the 5 elements and the 5 emotions) and Ecstatic Dance.

Music, breath, movement, visualization & creation.
The breathing, movement, visualization and meditation techniques used are supported by the use of emotive music to activate and calm the emotion energy.

Energy, Focus, Creativity & Relaxation.
The exercises help to generate specific states of relaxation, focus, energy and/or (slightly psychedelic) creativity at desired moments.

Safety and integration.
The “journey” you make in this lesson gently builds to an energetic climax that slowly tapers off. The emotion energy is thus safely generated and absorbed into your body and mind so that you can use it optimally after class.

Introduction classes for the 2-hour Journey/Workshop

Follow one of the three introduction session bofore to the 2-hour workshop
Introductory 1 hour classes Breath & E-Motion & Creation take place on:

  • Monday 9 January 9-10am
  • Friday 20 January 9-10am
  • Wednesday 25 jan 20-21 pm

BlueBirds Oost, Amsterdam  – single lesson | €15,-

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Workshop & Journey Breath & E-Motion for Creating your 2023 (E.T.C. Method)

Sunday January 29 from 10am – 12pm

BlueBirds Oost, Amsterdam

– investment | €40 – €60


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Ivar – Coach/Instructor/Inner TourGuide

Ivar van Hoorn worked as a filmmaker, masseur, mindfulness coach, creativity teacher and artist. He is an expert by experience on the path of burnout, depression and hypomania (manic creative). He has collected a widely usable toolbox from, in particular, Tibetan Tantra Buddhism & Shamanism , Indian, Japanese and Chinese health teachings and scientifically researched breathing techniques.

Ivar operates under the company names The MindBody LabBreathwork.Amsterdam and for creative projects De Digitale Sjamanen.

Other sources of inspiration are: kickboxing, cold water swimming, bouldering, Ecstatic Dance, Lars von Trier, Osho, Chogyam Trungpa, Rupert Spira, Wim Hof and the indie rock band Pavement.

Based on his favorite quote from Bruce Lee and his extensive toolbox as source, he has developed his own dynamic spiritual creative therapy method that he has already offered on the work floor at organizations (like SalesForce), at home with individuals and now at Bluebirds Oost!

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own” , by Bruce Lee.